Dinner December 19, 2016 Lund, Sweden

  1. Monday 19th

    09:15 – 12:00
    Official Defense at MA04, Matematikannexet
  2. Monday 19th

    19:00 – 02:00
  3. Tuesday 20th

    ~12 – 13
    Optional Badminton


If you would like to see the actual defense, you are welcome at:

Sölvegatan 20
223 62, Lund

The defense begins at 09:15.


The dinner will begin at 19:00 at the penthouse, nickname "Utsikten", on the top of the building "Tornet" at Helsingkrona Nation.

Picture of party place, Utsikten

Helsingkrona Nation dates back to 1890, though this particular building is less than two years old.

Tornet, Helsingkrona Nation
Tornavägen 3B
223 63 Lund

Dinner contributions: A contribution of 450 SEK/person is highly appreciated.

  1. Swish to 0765836095. Put your name in the message field.
  2. Wire transfer to Nordea Bank, account # 30450198405. Put your name in the message field.
  3. Cash.

Dress code:Cocktail or smart casual, according to your taste.

Color range: Since there is going to be a color theme for the party, it would be appreciated if you choose your dress color according to the range below.

dress color range
(red X means avoid these colors)

Optional Badminton Event

Anyone who is interested is invited to the Victoria hall for a badminton event on Tuesday around lunch time. Time is flexible, depending on participants, and 12:00-13:00 is a guidance.

If you want to participate, remember to indicate it when you RSVP.

What to bring:
Bring indoor sport shoes, sports clothes, optional water bottle. You do not need to bring a badminton racket or shuttles, Behnaz will provide these.

Map to hall:
Map to Victoria Stadium in Lund
The hall is at Lovisastigen 2, 222 41 Lund.

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